New Plugs at King's Body Jewelry 8/26/2011

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New Plugs at King's Body Jewelry 8/26/2011

Hello friends! So we have been talking about making a vid like this for a while now so this is the 1st vid of new plugs in stock. I spent about 30 minutes going through the shop picking out some of the newer things that I thought were worth a mention in the video. Ill try to make one of these every couple of months as we get new pieces in stock. Anyways, here is a list of the items in the video!!

Rosebud Plugs

Chocolate Rosebud Plugs

White Rosebud Plugs

Regular Septum Mustache

Big Septum Mustache

Urban Star Chrysanthemum plugs

Big ebony spirals

Concave Blood Wood Plugs

Concave Tamarind Wood Plugs

Tiger Ebony Plugs

Heart Ebony Plugs

Borneo Flower Plugs

Carved Ebony Flower Plugs

Abalone Shell Plugs

Mother of Pearl Shell Plugs

Concave Ebony Plugs

Mixed Tear Drop Plugs

Coffin Plugs

Rainbow Plugs

Rastafarian Plugs

Gorilla Glass Blue/Yellow Power Plugs

Gorilla Glass Lava Power Plugs

Gorilla Glass green single flare front plugs

Gorilla Glass Concave Obsidian Plugs

Pink Howlite Stone Plugs

Green Eye Stone Plugs

Syn. Turquoise Stone Plugs

Bondage Tape



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