we find it easy to find that some foods taste

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we find it easy to find that some foods taste

Among the many ingredients, we find it easy to find that some foods taste more pungent, such as onions, garlic and so on. From the perspective of a healthy diet, these flavors of red food nutritious foods, can play a anti-aging health effects. The following describes the specific flavor of red food.
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Onion, garlic, white radish, mustard, coriander and other food, everything has a taste of choke nose, and some people will choke straight tears, in fact, because it contains sulfur compounds. Such sulfur compounds have a strong antioxidant effect, can reduce free radical generation. Therefore, foods rich in these sulfur compounds have anti-aging effects and lower blood lipids and cholesterol.
Sulfur-containing compounds will be destroyed in case of heat. So eat these flavored red food, to reduce the high temperature heating, in order to give full play to its anti-aging effect. To eat raw to try to eat raw, can not accept raw spicy, nor cooked too suck. "But the older people, these ingredients to be cooked to eat," experts advise, spicy spicy is too stimulating for the elderly, it is best cooked before eating.
So often eat flavored food, you can get anti-aging health effects. If you want to make your body younger and give your body anti-aging, try these delicious foods. Of course, each person's ability to accept different, you have to choose according to their own specific circumstances.


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