Oil Control Method One

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Oil Control Method One

In the winter, many of my friends looked at the cold temperatures and felt that there was no need for oil control now. This idea is extremely wrong! Who does not have oil control in winter, and in winter it will cling to the skin due to the weather Oil, so in the winter we not only make up water but also oil control.

Oil Control Method One

Do a good job cleansing, choose a gentle oil to clean the cream, should not be over-used cleaning products, if the skin's own fat have been washed off, then the skin self-defense function will secrete more oil to protect the skin , This will lead to more greasy skin, but also make acne easier to produce.

Oil Control Program II

The skin does not mean that the oil does not lack of water, on the contrary, because the skin is over the oil but a manifestation of dry skin, so be sure to replenish the skin, the skin itself can only secrete fat, but can not provide the skin The required water, so the need for the outside world to inject water into the skin, choose their own skin care products, it is best non-fat moisturizing mask, moisturizing the face after cleansing every morning and evening to maintain the skin surface water and oil balance.

Oil Control Program III

After cleansing at night, apply some oil-control products to areas prone to oil such as T-zone and chin and massage gently to help accelerate the circulation of skin in these areas to adjust the physiological functions of the skin. You can try steaming once a week Face, if you do not go to the beauty salon, you can choose to use steaming equipment at home to pay, the effect will be better.

Oil Control Program IV The skin is not particularly sensitive to the girls, you can choose to use a once a week to exfoliate the product, but does not recommend the choice of large particles of the product, because often the larger the particles of exfoliating products, the greater the damage to the skin, although exhausted Feel the whole skin is dry, but this time to destroy the original skin cuticle, so that the skin becomes more sensitive.

Tips 1, choose the texture of fresh skin care products, such as gel moist texture moisturizing products, will not cause skin pressure, water and breathable.

2, the amount of alcohol-containing make-up water, not only can be astringent pores, but also the role of bactericidal, oily skin conditioning is still a great help! As long as you are not allergic oily skin.

3, to avoid staying up late. Because staying up late will make the skin secretion of too much oil, so rough and dull skin, pores become increasingly thick. Stay up late will speed up the secretion of adrenaline, so that increased sebum, blocking the pores, easily lead to acne. So a good sleep is conducive to skin care.

Above, we introduced four kinds of oil control programs, of which there is certainly a solution for you. Xiaobian special reminder, the girls do not think about it overnight, we must persevere, at the same time, but also to choose their own skin methods, or oil control fails, but will also destroy the skin cortex. 


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