Carriage-sharing refers mainly

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Carriage-sharing refers mainly

[Imagination] "sharing" gather together to build the wisdom of various industries The achievements of the research studies in PolyU have been encouraging. Our researchers have brought forth significant improvements in people's lives. One of the best examples is PolyU's successful development of space tool.

With the ever-changing technology, we pursue newer technologies at the same time, the traditional industries also need to keep pace with the times.

Hong Kong is a society ruled by the rule of law, and it is convenient for people to use technology. At the same time, it is the first time that "responsibility lies with us." In Hong Kong, where smart cities have started to develop in recent months, there have been some new shared service births: "cycling sharing," "carrying sharing," "car sharing."

Moorings violate bicycle laws

The operation mode of bicycle sharing is mainly to open a designated model bicycle parked on the roadside through a mobile application, and calculate distance or hours. Unlike early Hong Kong rental bicycle companies, users borrowing bicycles can borrow and return anytime, anywhere.

The problem is that a bicycle parking spot may not be a "valid" place - I deliberately use brackets to emphasize "lawfulness" because the bicycle parking point must be parked at a designated place under the laws of Hong Kong, and the concept of cycling sharing is just a violation The law.

Citizens' lack of awareness of legal riding bicycles has also caused many unnecessary minor accidents.

Car sharing is the "evolution" bike sharing that has started to take place in various parts of the world (including the Mainland) in recent months. The issues involved include the cleaning responsibility of the rear passenger compartment. In recent years, the fares for illegal parking have been on the rise. When introducing car sharing, the situation of illegal parking is more serious than it is now.

Carriage-sharing refers mainly to vehicle owners sharing their own carrying space for others. Apart from the issue of toll collection, this is an environmentally-friendly and space-saving road. However, since the mode of charging is exactly the type of vehicle (in particular, Shi) operation, access is the law and insurance. At present, under the law, the relevant insurance does not allow private car drivers to share their vehicles as boarding space.

Legal insurance to be amended

To sum up, Hong Kong, while promoting the sharing of technology, must also consider the role of different industries. For example, the legal profession should understand the operation of new technologies so as to discuss some suitable laws and regulations that will safeguard the development, application and use of technology. Based on the responsibility issues brought about by new technologies, the insurance industry should also keep up-to-date so as to formulate the insurance provisions that suit new technologies.

Because all walks of life have become chain-linked under the guidance of new technologies, all walks of life in the New World should work together to understand each other and establish a win-win smart city for all parties Want a variable voltage battery? You might try a 510 thread battery! If bought from a reputed site, this can support you up to 600 puffs! Plus, these come with variable voltage options as well- between 2.5v and 4v! .


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