Domestic made apple Samsung

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Domestic made apple Samsung

"During the 618 period, mobile phone brands flourishing, showing the full strength of domestic brands." Jingdong executives told reporters that sales of mobile phones increased by more than 60% over the same period last year.

According to Jingdong's data ranking, domestic handsets have occupied eight of the top ten in terms of sales and sales, while Glory 9, Huawei Mate 9, OppO R11, and Millet 6 have closed in on Apple's iphone 7 at mid-and high-end prices.

As you can see, although more than 4,000 yuan is still Apple's iphone today, the iphone 7, the iphone 7 plus have entered the best-selling single product list, but in 2000-3500 yuan, the domestic mobile phone has formed a strong camp, single product sales champions are won by the domestic machine. From the final list, from June 1 to 18, the cumulative sales of mobile phone categories TOp10, millet mobile phone accounted for three seats, including red rice Note4X sales champion; glory holds four seats, mainly high-end models.

Apple, Glory and Millet ranked in the top three mobile phone brands from June 1 to 18, followed by Huawei, OppO and 360, Samsung ranked seventh, and Vivo ranked second to Hammer and Meizu.

Wang Yanhui told reporters that the price of more than 3,000 Yuan directly shattered the past people's traditional understanding of domestic Internet mobile phones, mobile e-commerce channels have slowly farewell to the past crude price reduction model. As you can see, Glory V9, priced close to 3000 yuan, won the cumulative sales championship of 2000-2999 price segments copd exacerbation.

In fact, since last year, many Internet mobile phone manufacturers have realized that a simple low-cost model will be a no return. Zhao Ming, president of Glory, believes that the fundamental reason why most Internet mobile phones develop steeply is the lack of evolution. Once the pattern dependence and path dependence are formed, it will naturally become a prison.

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"And this year's participation in e-commerce promotion brand, the good news is that Internet manufacturers are no longer purely pursuing the so-called high cost performance, in the consumer upgrade trend, online shopping is from low-end price war to respond to the needs of the middle class." Wang Yanhui told reporters.


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