Beyond the professional boundaries, close to everyday life

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Beyond the professional boundaries, close to everyday life

Can non-Chinese students accept or do not have any interest in explaining thematic achievements of these literary studies to non-Chinese major students? Yes, and I feel strongly in practice that doing so works well. The key here is how to choose what to teach. Too-professional content, non-Chinese major students lack interest, or not easy to accept, will affect the teaching effect. My experience is that the choice of standards should be college students are generally more concerned about or even like it. To the general college students are more concerned about or like, it can only be a number of universal cultural issues, or have a large readership, influential writers and works among college students. The May Fourth cultural traditions belong to the cultural issues that all undergraduates are concerned about. Since the values set in the May 4th Movement are still important for today's college students to understand the relationship between Chinese culture and Chinese and Western cultures, and to determine their world outlook and outlook on life Reference meaning. In other words, this issue has crossed the professional boundaries and is shared by the overwhelming majority of undergraduates. As long as those people who have acquired a certain degree of cultural accomplishment and are concerned about the history and future destiny of the country and the nation will not ignore the significance of the May 4th Movement, what is the point from which to reflect on the tradition of the May 4th Movement that is both academic and practical? Problems, they will be attractive bull bear.

The aforementioned relationship between Shen Congwen's Xiangxi novels and Taoist art spirit is also attractive to non-Chinese major undergraduates because Shen Congwen has a great influence on college students. Many students, regardless of their major in arts and sciences, appreciate the romantic lyric idyllic style of Shen Congwen's novels and admire the poetic taste of his novels about the picturesque portrayal of human nature, beauty and customs, and appreciation of the language of his novels. Although the Taoist art spirit in this topic is highly specialized, the Taoist concept has in fact infiltrated the subconscious of ordinary Chinese people. As long as it is a person who has grown up in the Chinese cultural environment, he or she will, more or less, be a source of Taoism in its cultural awareness. Once the conditions are right, it will be reflected in the level of consciousness and exert a significant influence on his thinking and actions. Therefore, as long as class teaching grasps the aesthetic aspects of Shen Congwen's novels appealing to ordinary college students, and grasps the expression form and meaning of Taoist artistic spirit in daily life in his novels, Daily experience, with the help of ordinary language, convey the essence of these beautiful meanings and thoughts to students, and it is not difficult to arouse their resonance. Students, even students of science and engineering, are able to understand and are interested in further thinking. Through such thinking, they can take their personal aesthetic practice and life experience to a new height wine class.

It is an important measure to improve students' aesthetic ability and comprehensive cultural attainment by offering non-Chinese majors public literature courses. However, how this measure has been implemented well and actually exert its due role in practice has not only made students like to listen, but also benefited students to listen to them not only enriching their spiritual life but also enhancing their ability to practice society. This is obviously It is a subject worth further exploration and reflection. My above idea is only a matter of opinion. The reason why my design focuses on my personal research results is mainly because I think it is more vivid and specific to talk about. Students are easily infected and inspired,In addition to this, the pioneering lunar mapping techniques developed by the Department of Land Surveying and Geo-Informatics has been deployed in the topographical analysis and landing site selection of Chang. This is a huge milestone in the history of hk research studies in related to national projects.


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