Talent training and reserve strategy in Econo Hotel

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Talent training and reserve strategy in Econo Hotel

Nowadays, the most intense competition facing hotels in the world is the competition of talents. In the new economic era, the most important capital is human capital, and the most important resource is human resources. It is a problem that every hotel can not neglect to create talents, protect talents and use talents. At present, most of the hotel human resources are concentrated in the high-star hotels, and how to attract, train and retain talents is the key to the success of the economy hotel. Based on the characteristics of human resources determined by the characteristics of the economy hotel, and in view of the reasons for the shortage of talents in the economy hotel, this paper makes a reflection on how to train and reserve talents in the economy hotel.

(1) school enterprise cooperation to train professionals.

At present, the prominent problem of talent cultivation in tourism colleges and universities in China is the disconnection between education and industry, the lack of industry factors in education, resulting in a serious mismatch between the supply and demand of school and enterprise personnel, so it is imperative for them to cooperate to establish an economic hotel personnel training system. [9]

1. recommended internship

Colleges and universities should meet the needs of market development, improve the discipline settings of economic hotel management, and train professional managers and service personnel at different levels. In addition, for the service industry such as economy hotel, the practical experience based on theory learning is particularly important. Therefore, schools should strengthen ties and cooperation with enterprises and recommend students to practice at the grass-roots level.

2. training professional managers

Moreover, the lack of professional managers in Econo Hotel is a problem to be solved. In the past, hotel personnel training is aimed at star-rated hotels, and unlike the general star-rated hotels, the staff of the economy hotel should be ten, many are versatile, especially for the shop manager and front desk staff. There is no shortage of professional managers of high-star hotels in the market, because most of the professional managers trained in China are tailor-made for large hotels. The shortage of talents is mainly due to the shortage of professional managers of small and medium-sized hotels, especially those of economical hotels. In the management of professional and economical hotels, even teaching materials are scarce. The cultivation and introduction of professional managers of Econo Hotel has become a top priority for the hotel market. In recent years, some of the fast developing Econo Hotel brand Home Inn is worth learning from. Home has its own school of management, positioned in the enterprise university, is the company's training base for training replica Hotel managers. Home Management College is designed to replicate qualified hotel managers by imparting economic hotel management methods, such as operating standards and processes of home companies, to external recruiters and internal trainers. Every quarter, Home Ru recruits a group of trainee storekeepers into Home Ru Management College according to the development progress of the new store project. Through centralized study, rotation training, on-the-job practice and assessment, qualified storekeepers are selected and assigned to the hotels.

Therefore, in order to reverse the "dislocation" between supply and demand of economic hotel professionals, it is necessary to consider many factors, such as enterprises, schools and students, comprehensively her2 breast cancer analyze, speed up the reform of school education and teaching, strengthen the links and cooperation between schools and enterprises, make schools a two-way platform between enterprises and students, and enterprises become schools to carry out vocational education. Industry guidance, so as to fundamentally solve the school-enterprise talent supply and demand "dislocation" problem, so that enterprises and schools together to achieve sustainable development.

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3. schools and enterprises to create customized talents.

Some schools use the names of enterprises to name classes. Enterprises provide financial support and facilities for the training of school personnel, such as scholarships for students or practical teaching bases. The school seizes the favorable opportunity for the hotel enterprise to accelerate its development, actively adapts itself to the needs of the hotel enterprise, participates in the development of the hotel education in our country, provides effective service for the hotel enterprise by virtue of the school's own advantages and characteristics, takes mutual benefit as the foundation, service as the support, contribution as the development, and win-win as the value trend, and serves the hotel enterprise. The company has trained highly-needed modern service talents with high quality, strong ability and zero adaptability, met the needs of hotel enterprises in expanding the scale of development and operation, explored a new model of successful personnel training, realized deep-seated cooperation with enterprises, and achieved satisfactory results from schools, enterprises and students.

(two) nurturing the environment suitable for the growth of Econo Hotel talents

Like star-rated hotels, the talents of economical hotels are also the carriers of intelligence and the accumulation of knowledge, skills and experience. To play the role of talent capital, we must create a suitable environment and form a cultural incentive mechanism with shared ideas.


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