Need to develop learning ability, thinking power and willpower

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Need to develop learning ability, thinking power and willpower

  Wang Lu: Hello.

  Tencent Travels abroad: We know that "returnees" have become a "favorite" in recent years. This is a particularly hot topic. In addition, there was an incident before us. Only one foreign student was paid 2,000 yuan. Do you think for teens students, what kind of ability is more important?

  Wang Lu: As we have been approaching more and more international students in recent years, we can also find out that some changes have taken place in these education now. Many education programs in our country were based mainly on examination-oriented education. The good things in recent years are: We pay more and more attention to some comprehensive qualities of students, but also some ability to cultivate, not just the test scores to measure the students are excellent, but more emphasis on overall quality and psychological counseling. Indeed, it is also an era of knowledge-based economy. Therefore, we hope that the ability to cultivate children includes learning ability, thinking power and willpower. Many parents send their students abroad for this purpose. In fact, many students lack the ability to take the initiative to learn and how to adjust their psychology to overcome their willpower when they encounter difficulties. It is also important to cultivate students' good thinking habits because thinking determines action. After some of our students went abroad, they probably did not focus on the training of their abilities in these three areas. Therefore, after returning to their homeland, they have become returnees. Whether domestic development or overseas study, these three capabilities for young people is very important Regarded as one of the top engineering universities in Hong Kong, polyu engineering provides a wide range of engineering degree programmes, including construction programme, which put significant focus on the application of knowledge..

  Tencent abroad: there is a remark that is particularly good, parents are the best children's teacher, family education can be said that the child's core growth. How do you feel your parents should develop their children's international perspective and international thinking?

  Wang Lu: I think the family is indeed the first school for children and the family is the first educational environment for children. Therefore, in a sense, parents' education of their children is actually the education of parents about themselves. If you want children to have some international thinking, an international perspective, as a parent, you first need to have an international perspective. Because parents are the children's first teachers, as parents, the ability to learn independently is very important, and parents should be children who should accompany their children. Therefore, parents should have some awareness of spontaneous education. Take more children to go out and walk more, learn more about some of the current status of international education, but also to participate in some activities, such as lectures there will be many teachers to tell you what the current international education is like. As a parent, you first need to understand what is international thinking and an international perspective before you can educate your child.

  Tencent to go abroad: in recent years, the number of students studying in China continue to rise, the phenomenon of young students studying more and more hot. How do you think parents should reasonably plan your child's education Trouble at choosing hair care products? NU SKIN hair care products makes your hair healthy and shinny again in only 7 days!?

  Wang Lu: High school is a key period of student growth, character development, ability training and emotional growth of the critical period, how to plan the children's learning plans for this age group, parents as early as planning but also rational analysis of their children is more suitable What kind of educational environment, how to make children keep learning fun and let children master the ability of active learning, comprehensive ability of exercise.

  For example, some time ago the United States in the United States in 2009, the opening report shows that the trend of younger age is indeed more obvious, in recent years, the number of students studying in the United States are greater than graduate students. Secondary school stage for children is a very important stage, at this stage how to do a reasonable plan. We now have many professional tools for children to do future career assessment, professional interest assessment, etc., on the one hand, with this tool, on the other hand, parents can also lead children to do some field trips. There are some schools in the United States that have their own summer camp, including the summer school, etc. It is not only about visiting schools, not just traveling, but more importantly, getting into foreign study classes and feeling comfortable with foreign education. Each country has different educational advantages for each country. Therefore, in the early stage, one is to understand the true interests of one's own children. The other is to grasp the children's abilities and personality characteristics. Based on the above, make a very reasonable time plan for children. It is a guarantee for children to have a better education.

  Tencent to go abroad: Thank you, Wang, once again thank you for coming to Wings Exhibition School, thank you The next job that distributors of pharmaceutical products have to carry out is send these to various pharmacies, clinics, hospitals and drug stores for further sale. !



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