Mobile-first indexing in progress

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Mobile-first indexing in progress

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Back in March 2018, Google finally started rolling out the so-called mobile-first index. Many may say that change has been a long time in the making: after all, mobile devices now account for nearly 60% of all traffic, and that number will only keep growing.

But what does mobile-first indexing mean for SEO and web designers? When can I expect a "Voice Search Index"?

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The mobile priority index is less than a year old, so it's hard to say exactly where it will go. However, according to the July speed update, it is clear how important speed is. Not only is it important to build a truly responsive website, it works not only on mobile devices, but also quickly.

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 Google seems to regard slow website loading as the biggest problem facing mobile web today, and they want to use its influence in the market to force website owners to do better. "Our team at Duda agrees that website speed is one of the core elements of the user experience of a website, and we believe that reducing load time is the best way for website owners to improve their website image today."

There must be a better mobile website and a better user experience for visitors using mobile devices. Because although it's unclear what the mobile-first index will do next, according to Google's past, it's clear that all of this is to provide an easy-to-use and navigable audience site, thus providing users with a good experience and development quickly.

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