Nadia Kiely leads a small group of visitors

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Nadia Kiely leads a small group of visitors


  She explains the temple’s different features, such as the bronze lion and dragon’s feet, polished bright by countless pilgrims’ hands touching it for luck. She demystifies the ritual of fortune stick shaking and discusses the unique heritage of the multi-faith building, which welcomes believers of Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism under one roof.

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  Afterwards, the group discusses their predicted fortunes over a hot sesame bread pocket filled with mushrooms and vermicelli noodles at Shanghai Teng restaurant Annie KO.

  Kiely is a guide at HK Greeters, which organises a tri-weekly “Vegetarian Food and Culture” tour, designed to offer a touch of history and local lore alongside opportunities to taste a selection of local meat-free food.

  Sam Book from Britain tries a vegetarian steamed dumpling at Shanghai Teng. photo: Xiaomei Chen

  Vegetarian steamed dumplings at Shanghai Teng. photo: Xiaomei Chen

  The newly launched tour takes in two Kowloon locations and one in the New Territories, immersing guests in Hong Kong life – from riding public transport and experiencing life outside Hong Kong Island’s Westernised bubble, to ordering meatless items from a menu and gaining an appreciation for the pockets of tranquillity the city has to offer.

  “Our main target was to show different sides of Hong Kong to make it more intimate for people,” Kiely says. “We chose Wong Tai Sin because it’s a place of worship for three different religions: it’s an introduction to the diversity of Hong Kong, how versatile and accepting it is of differences, and that very nicely coincided with vegetarian food being available nearby.”

  Vegetarians in Hong Kong can sometimes feel like they are missing out on a key aspect of the city’s culture: food. Omnivorous travellers to the city return with tales of curried fish balls, sizzling pork intestines on sticks picked up from street vendors and meat-filled morsels of siu mai.

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