Privacy Policy

Sprasia Inc. (“Sprasia”), the company managing the Communication Platform Service “Sprasia” (the “Services”) will handle personal information used in the Services with care, as set forth below, in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (“Personal Information Act”).

This Privacy Policy covers personal information provided by users (you) who have completed user registration in Sprasia’s Services (personal information referred herein is “personal information” defined in Article 2.1 of the Personal Information Act, specifically, information that you submit for user registration, such as your date of birth, e-mail address, and any other information that you may enter as your profile such as sex, location of residence, hometown, portrait photos, etc.) and explains Sprasia’s basic concept and guiding principles regarding personal information.

  1. Purpose of Use for Personal Information Acquired

    Sprasia will handle your personal information within the scope of use set forth below. Sprasia will not handle personal information beyond the scope necessary to achieve the following purpose of use without your consent. There are areas within the Services where Sprasia allows you to change your setup so that your use of personal information set forth below is restricted. In such case, Sprasia will not use personal information for any matters that you restrict.

    1. Personal Information Submitted at User Registration

      Personal Information submitted to Sprasia at user registration will be used for purposes of user authentication for logging into the Services, various information (including information regarding products and services of a third party which Sprasia provides through commission from such third party) provided from Sprasia to you, distributing e-mail magazines, conducting questionnaires, billing fees for pay service, responding and contacting you regarding your inquiries, inviting your friends, and analyzing user attribution, etc. for improving the Services.

    2. Personal Information Entered as Profile Information (if personal information is included in the Profile Information)

      Profile Information will be disclosed on the website of the Services and will be provided for other users to view, and will be used for purposes such as events the Sprasia plans for the Services, information regarding the Services, analysis of user attribution, etc. for improving the Services.

  2. Providing of Personal Information to a Third Party

    Sprasia will not provide your personal information to a third party without your consent, except instances where providing of personal information to a third party is allowed without obtaining consent from the subject pursuant to the Personal Information Act or any other laws and ordinances.

    Profile Information will be disclosed and will be placed in a condition where other users may see it, and when you introduce your friend, registered e-mail address will be provided to him or her, and you will consent to the foregoing and complete the user registration by entering the Profile Information.

  3. Acquiring, etc. of Information Which the Subject is Unidentifiable

    Sprasia may collect information which the subject is unidentifiable such as your IP address, Profile Information (without personal information), number of access to the Services, and type of browser from the Services.

    Such information will be used for managing the Services, improving the functions of the Services, streamlining advertisement and promotion, and any other purposes necessary for Sprasia, and the said information may be provided to a third party.

  4. Preparing and Using Statistical Data

    Sprasia may prepare statistical data by using personal information of users that Sprasia has acquired and processing the personal information in a manner as to make the subject unidentifiable. Sprasia is free to use such statistical data because the subject is unidentifiable.

  5. Cookies

    Sprasia may, in providing the Services, use cookies (including similar techniques) for reflecting a user’s preference for seeing advertisement and websites. Cookies are a function for exchanging information such as user information and access history between web browsers and web servers.

    If you would like to refuse all or some of cookies, you can do so by changing your setup by using functions provided in the browser. However, you should be aware that you may not be able to enjoy all or some of the functions of the Services.

    A third party that displays an advertisement on the website of the Services may keep cookies within your computer. In such case, a privacy policy of such third party will apply.

  6. Advertisement

    Advertisements of sponsors may be posted on the website of the Services. In order to reflect your preference, the advertisements are displayed by referring to information which the subject is unidentifiable (see Article 3 herein), statistical data (see Article 4 herein), cookies (see Article 5 herein), and tags, etc. that you voluntary enter when uploading User Contents.

  7. Safety Control Measures

    Sprasia will take measures necessary to prevent leakage, loss, or damage of your personal information or any other measures required for safely controlling personal information in compliance with the Personal Information Act and related guidelines.

  8. Other Precautions

    Your Profile Information and texts, etc. on blogs are intended to be viewed and shared by other users in the Services. You should be well aware of this fact and should be careful in entering your Profile Information, etc. and not to enter your telephone number, e-mail address, address, bank account information, and any other information that may be abused.

    Sprasia will not assume responsibility for damage, such as receiving unsolicited e-mail, arising from information that you have entered.

  9. Disclosure, Correction, Deletion of Personal Information and Any Other Inquiries

    Any inquires regarding disclosure, correction, or deletion, etc. of personal information that you have provided or any other inquiries regarding personal information or this Privacy Policy should be sent to the following e-mail address. Inquiries will be handled in accordance with the Personal Information Act.

    Sprasia Inc.

  10. Amendment of this Privacy Policy

    Sprasia may amend this Privacy Policy from time to time. When there are any amendments to this Privacy Policy, Sprasia will notify you by posting a message on the website.

Date: December, 2007