• Web Industry in Japan & Japanese People on Twitter 2/23/09 5:11 PM

    Recently I have discovered that a great way to keep up to date on what is going on in Japan, is to follow Japanese people on Twitter - and it is great for practicing your reading of Japanese! If you are interested in the web industry in Japan, you might like this blog post, which lists 30 Japanese people that are involved in the tech/web industry.


    "30 Japanese geeks you should follow on Twitter".



    If you would like to follow me, my Twitter account is:



  • To the Max! - Adobe Event in Tokyo 1/29/09 6:52 PM

    Last night I dropped by the "To the Max!" event that was held in Tokyo by Adobe, and Tokyo 2.0 (http://www.tokyo2point0.net/), for the Adobe Max conference. Adobe Max is starting here today and I think will be taking place in Odaiba for the next couple of days. Last night I met Tomohiko Koyama (http://www.saqoosha.net), a Flash developer from Osaka, and he was demonstrating an interactive motion tracking app that was really impressive. I have seen the same effect achieved before, but never in a Flash app that you can use through your browser. Here is a short video that I took last night of Ryan Stewart (http://www.digitalbackcountry.com) using Tomohiko's app.



  • Santa Barbara Panaramic Video 1/22/09 5:57 PM

    This past winter (2008), I got a chance to take a vacation and head back to my hometown of Santa Barbara, California. The weather there never seizes to amaze me. One day, I got a chance to go hiking in the foothills above Santa Barbara, and when we got to our destination, Inspiration Point, I shot this video. It starts by looking up the coast (West) towards Goleta. Then, as I pan from right-to-left, it sweeps across the view of Santa Barbara, and the islands in the channel.





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