• Ways to Keep Prostatitis away in Winter 8/3/18 4:22 PM

    Ways to Keep Prostatitis away in Winter
    People are easily affected with prostatitis natural treatment in winter. This is because hypothermia will stimulate the prostate tissue, enhance the excitability of prostate sympathetic nerve, so that result in chronic congestion, lead to increased inside pressure of urinary tract, prostatitis came.Therefore, men should pay attention to the maintenance of the prostate in the winter.

    1.Do not sedentary
    Sitting time is relatively increased in winter because of cold weather, but sedentary is one of the reasons that causes prostatitis. It is because that sedentary will oppress prostate and block blood circulation in prostate. Many prostatitis may have found that sitting too long will lead to obvious urinary frequency and urgency.

    2. Avoid urine holding
    Holding urine is a bad habit which should be avoided all the time both for men and women. It will lead to urine reflux and damage organs like kidney and ureter. Holding too much urine will result in over-swelling of prostate to chronic nonbacterial prostatitis natural treatment.

    3. Dirnk more water
    Drinking more water plays an important role in preventing prostatitis and ancillary treatment of prostatitis. The more a female drinks water, the more frequently he urinates, urinating can bring accumulated prostatic fluid in the entrance of urinary tract, to prevent prostatitis.

    4. Keep in clean
    Male scrotal contractions are large and will produce lots of sweat, is a good place for bacteria to stay, once this bacteria enters into prostate, it will get prostate infected, cause prostatitis.

    5.Keep in warm
    As it has been mentioned above, low temperature will stimulate the prostate tissue, enhance the excitability of prostate sympathetic nerve and increase the inside pressure of urinary tract.

    6.Avoid friction
    Perineal friction will aggravate the symptoms of the prostate.

    There do many actions people can take to prevent prostatitis away. People who are suffering from prostatitis should hold positive attitudes during their treatment, Chinese medicine like Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill has helped many chinese herbs for prostatitis sufferers get rid of disease with associations of their careful protection for the prostate.

  • Unhealthy Living Diet Increase the Rate of Getting Chronic Prostatitis in men 8/3/18 4:21 PM

    Unhealthy Living Diet Increase the Rate of Getting Chronic Prostatitis in men
    Another name of chronic nonbacterial prostatitis treatment is chronic pelvic pain syndrome, it is the most common form of prostatitis and feature as the genital and pelvic pain. According to the statistics, unhealthy lifestyle increase the rate of getting cpps treatment in men.
    Too much alcohol and stay out damage self-immune system. Drinking and staying out must the most common unhealthy lifestyle of men in modern society. Alcohol will bring huge damage to important organgs like brain, kidney, liver, heart, a chronic alcohol drinker is more liable to contract disease than people who don't drink too much. Sleeping is as important as eating, it provides chances to human body to repair itself and recover energy. Scientists used to do an experiment to prove the importance of sleep. They chosen two animals and made one of them stay awake while ensured enough sleeping time of the other one, the outcome showed that the one which was made to stay awake lost all immune gradually and finally died in several weeks, everything was OK for another one, it still lived well. There is an old Chinese saying "Shing Mun disaster brought disaster to pool fish", once the immune system was damaged, the rate of getting prostatitis would largely increase.
    Sitting too long oppress the prostate. Sitting is an usual posture in people's lives, the fact is when a man sits on a chair, he sits on his prostate too at the same, long-time sitting without activity will influence the blood circulation in prostate because of oppression. Poor prostate blood circulation will increase the chance of getting chronic prostatitis.
    Unhealthy sexual life hurt prostate directly. Abstinence and indulgence will hurt the prostate. Abstinence can lead to accumulation of prostatic fluid, indulgence can lead to swelling of prostate. Both of them are bad for prostate healthy.
    These are main unhealthy lifestyle which may increase the rate of getting prostatitis of men.

  • Reasons that cause Chlamydia in men 8/3/18 4:17 PM

    Reasons that cause Chlamydia in men
    It has been mentioned that best treatment for chronic prostatitis is a sexually transmitted disease both in men and women. It has no apparent symptoms at the beginning period so it has high risk of infecting. Chlamydia can arise several problems to infectious person. The more we know about the reasons that make men get Chlamydia infected, the better we can do to protect us from getting Chlamydia infected.
    The most common reason that cause Chlamydia in men is unsafe sexual life. Condom is an very important tool that can prevent people from having sexual disease. Someone who has sex with other people without using condom is in higher risk of getting Chlamydia infected, no matter what the sexual intercourse is. Once he has unsafe sexual intercourse such as anal sex, oral sex, genital sex with someone has already get Chlamydia infected yet, he will be infected too. Besides, men who have multiple sexual partners are in higher risk of getting Chlamydia infected too. So, remember using condoms every time when you have sex with other people and do not change your partner so frequently.
    best treatment for prostatitis can also be spread in some public places. These public places means places like swimming pool and public toilet. Although some swimming pools have clear command that people with easily spread disease cannot swim in the pool, it is difficult to make sure nobody ignores these commands. Once a person contacts water that left bacteria of Chlamydia by other people, he will be infected. So, it shows the importance of protecting yourselves when you are exposed to public places.
    Chlamydia can also be spread through personal stuffs with blood. Daily communication such as talking, hugging with people who get Chlamydia infected will not make other people get infected. But, make sure there is no touch with anything has blood of Chlamydia infected person.
    Chlamydia is preventable and treatable, it is also very dangerous. Having healthy sexual life and being cautious in outside public places can reduce the chance of being infected.
    A professional website about Chlamydia is here http://www.diureticspill.com/Medical_Use/Chlamydia/

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