• The combination of TCM and western medicine to treat prostatitis 8/7/18 5:33 PM

    The combination of TCM and western medicine to treat prostatitis

    prostatitis supplements is mainly infected by stronger bacteria or other causative agent and the fast and sizeable reproduction of these germs because of the increasing reduction of immunity. The symptoms of the disease mainly includes pain burning during urination, frequent and urgent urination, discomfort swelling in lower abdomen. In relatively serious, it can cause having fever, and even causing infertility.

    There still remain lot of questions waiting for being solved for prostatitis, especially for prostatitis relief. Using modern medicine to treat chronic prostatitis has numerous ways and medicines, but there is no kind of methods and drug can be used to treat all types of prostatitis with obvious effect. Many clinical doctors think it necessary to utilize antibiotic, but it is rather difficult for chronic prostatitis patients to get ideal effect. Some well-known doctors in urology consider the patients should not use antibiotic blindly, because the medicines are a good effect if they are used to bacterial prostatitis. Numerous chronic prostatitis is not caused by bacteria. That’s to say, we must treat the disease according its symptoms. In current condition that we can not accept desirable effect, we recommend using the way of Chinese medicine, and the combination of Chinese medicine and western medicine.

    Chronic pelvic pain and abnormal urination can be thought as the obvious syndrome groups of chronic prostatitis. Therefore, only when we seize the two aspects and treat them in accordance with the symptoms can we achieve a good result. For chronic pelvic pain, we should adopt the ways of relieving pain and promoting blood circulation, treat the disease to use the medicines with the effect of clearing away and toxic material, and tranquilizing medicines. The common Chinese herbal medicines involves angelica sinensis, radices paeoniae alba, the root of three-nerved spicebush, and so on. Angelica asinensis has the effect of promoting blood circulation, radices paeoniae alba, releasing acute conditions and pain. At the same time, the patients should use comprehensive ways such as warm sitzs baths. But it may do damage to testicles and cause the quality and functions of sperm abnormally if you use warms sits bath for a long period. Thus, we should avoid using the method for a long time.

    For the treatment of abnormal urination, the patients should do responding check such as the routine urine examination, urine culture, B-ultrasound, urodynamics, and so on to exclude to blocker or neurogenic factors and others reasons. On the basic of dialectical treatment, we suggest using diuretic pill such as diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill which has many unparalleled functions, hyacinth bean, and so on.

    You can send e-mail to us if you have some questions. At the the same time, i hope the information can give you some help.

  • A traditional Chinese medicine that cannot cause drug resistance 8/7/18 5:32 PM

    A traditional Chinese medicine that cannot cause drug resistance

    Using western medicine to prostatitis pain treatment may cause drug resistance in most condition. For example, using antibiotics for a long period can incur the question. More worse, the antibiotics can bring series of side effects such as recurrence, doing damage to the patients’ kidney, liver, and other part of the body . We need not to amaze that using the antibiotics for a long period can cause outcomes.

    Actually, the patients may as well change a way to treat chronic prostatitis to relieve their pains and avoid these side effects. For instance, the patients can utilize diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill, a traditional chinese herbal medicine. The medicine has been used widely to treat chronic prostatitis. Many patients think the medicine is such great that they can hardly feel its discomfort, according to their feedback. The traditional Chinese medicine remedy of diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill can treat chronic prostatitis effectively and safely. The natural Chinese herbal medicine is discovered by Dr. Lee who has more than 30-year clinical practice and researched the traditional Chinese medicine to improve the current cases of chronic prostatitis. Nowadays, there are increasing prostatitis patients to try to use the traditional Chinese medicine to treat chronic prostatitis. Because most of them have felt the plight from using western medicine such as antibiotics. They think highly of the Chinese herbal medicine. To tell the truth, western medicine remedy of antibiotics is not as desirable as the traditional Chinese medicine to treat chronic rpostatitis. The traditional Chinese herbal medicine remedy of diuretic and anti-inflammatory spill has many functional properties such as clearing away heat and toxic material, promoting blood circulation, releasing pain, promoting Qi, anti-hyperplasia, anti-fibrosis, drug resistance and so on, whose main functions are unparalleled.

    Thus, the people with chronic prostatitis can be treated naturally. For the traditional chinese medicine is on the basic of natural herbal medicine which can scarcely result in side effects or complications. On the contrary, diuretic and anti-inflammatory avoid the disadvantages. So, if some people have felt the western medicine such as antibiotic's side effect and consider them can not give you too much hope to eradicate your symptoms and release your pain, you may change as well a way to try to use traditional Chinese medicine, diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill. Although i can not guarantee it is able to cure your prostatitis pain relief, i give my guarantee to you it can relieve your plight and eliminate your symptoms. The reasons why i can not guarantee chronic prostaitis is that the disease is influenced by a lot of causes such as living habits, diet, rest timetable, and so on, which is closely linked to person. Even so, we need also try new ways and keep a good mood.

    I sincerely hope the information provided by our team can give you useful suggestion. You can send e-mail if you have any problem about the disease.

  • The better ways to treat chronic prostatitis 8/7/18 5:15 PM

    The better ways to treat chronic prostatitis

    The ways to the treatment of any disease, including prostatitis, involves assessment of who tells the treatment. However, not all told treatments are equally well known because the level of evidence gathered about them is not uniform. The told treatments for prostatitis back pain relief are here sub-grouped by level of evidence, starting with those that are best understood.

    As a general feedback, because antibiotics work well in acute prostatitis, almost all patients who present with the symptoms of chronic prostatitis are treated with antibiotics. But these medicines are used unduly. In addition, a lot of patients are treated with such many antibiotics for so long that they experience server side effect: diarrhea , nausea, inner ear toxicity with inability to balance, tendonitis, and so on.

    recurrent prostatitis is an inflammation of prostate gland and is one of the most common diseases in male genital system. There are different causes which can incur prostatitis. Thus, we need to utilize various ways to treat a variety of protatitis according to different causes. The article is main to discuss the reason why we use Chinese herbal medicine to treat chronic prostatitis. currently, many a lot of male persons who develop chronic prostatitis find western medicine have a side effect on their bodies, which seriously influence their life in the long-term process of use. On the contrary, traditional Chinese medicine medicine has accomplished great improvement after many Chinese medicinal researchers’ clinical practice, which makes Chinese medicine received widely.

    There still remain no certain causes about chronic prostatits. Doctors make this diagnosis when patients have typical symptoms of chronic prostatitis, but no bacteria are found in a urine sample. The reasons of most cases of chronic prostatitis are not well understood. The urinary tract often contains white blood cells. Some patients may have a persistent low-grade infection that cannot be detected in a routine urine sample. However, most patients with non-bacterial prostatitis have no evidence of infection, even when sophisticated tests are done. In the condition, most western doctors suggest the patient to use anti-inflammatory medicines, but they will increase burden on their bodies if they are used for a long time, reduce their bodies’ immunity, and aggregate their pain in the body. Conversely, Chinese medicines such as diuretic and anti-inflammatory pills don’t have the disadvantages such as drug resistance, anti-drug,and little side effect. Then, they have multiple functions involving: promote blood circulation, dissipate hard lumps, release the patients' pain and clear away heat and toxic material. What’s more, the Chinese medicines do not only have efficient effect on certain palace in the body, but have the property to treat the disease overall.

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  • Prostate calcification and fibrosis 8/7/18 4:09 PM

    Prostate calcification and fibrosis

    chinese herbs for prostatitis and fibrosis are a left scar after inflammatory prostate is healed it, and are also the omen of prostate stone. Prostate stone is accompanied with the inflammation of chronic prostatitis. Generally, we can check the change by B-ultrasound. There is no better ways to treat prostate stone, once prostate calcification forms. That is because the structure of prostate is rather special. There will be bacteria in prostate stone if prostate have the condition of calcification. So, prostate calcification is a cause to make the prostatitis recurrent.
    Prostate calcification has the following symptoms: it can cause acute retention of urine; sometimes, there may be concentrated secretion from urinary tract; occasionally, there will have abscesses which may enter urinary tract, rectum, and space around the bladder, causing inflammation of connective tissue. It is possible that some patients have no sign of fever, but they may have the symptoms such as the block of their urinary, epididymitis, orchitiis, and so on.

    Clinical symptoms
    (1). in initial stage, there may have the symptoms of frequency and urgency during urination because prostate hyperplasia stimulates urinary tract, causing late urinary tract and cervix vesicae pressured. There will be a better efficiency if the disease can be treated in the stage.
    (2). It does not only have the urgency during urination. More importantly, it can not drain the urine when the patients want to drain urination. What is more, they may increase the time to urine, have the sense of keeping urination, have difficulty in urination, and be less smooth than before chinese herbs for prostate inflammation.
    (3)The patients will lose their control during urination, especially in sleeping
    (4). If blood vessel in mucosal surface enlarges, the prostate will bleed, manifested as hematuria.
    (5)The patients can not urinate by themself, because they drink wine, have cold, are fatigues, have urination but not drain it and so on, causing prostate and bladder neck congesting suddenly. That is what we think so-called acute urinary retention
    (6). The above symptoms will aggravate if the block of bladder neck has a longer period.
    (7). There may be also hydronephrosis, renal inadequacy in the patients’ kidney. They may suffer from the reduction of appetite, nausea, vomiting, anemia, and so on.
    (8). In other aspects, part of patients may have the symptoms of bladder stone, and incur the condition of stopping urination. But there are a few people will have the case of wanting always to drain urination, which has a bad effect on their rest.

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  • Relevant knowledge about prostate calcification 8/7/18 4:08 PM

    Relevant knowledge about prostate calcification

    Prostate calcification shows that someone has the the inflammation of chronic prostatitis cure
    , but the inflammation has been left in the past. You need not to treat it if the prostate has no any symptoms. You should go to hospital timely once you find you have difficulty in urination. Prostate calcification can incur various symptoms, father developing into prostate stones. So, we must attach more importance to it rather than ignoring it. Because we can not eliminate prostatitis if prostate calcification are ignored. There are some relevant knowledge about prostate calcification as following respects.

    1.How to prevent prostate calcification
    (1). We can not stay up and be excessive fatigues. In addition, we should live a regular life, and avoid having fever. If not, we will make our immunity reduction, which makes it easier to let prostatitis be recurrent.

    (2). We should also keep spicy food from us, avoid wine and smoke. Of course, we need drink more water to help drain urination and be smooth in defecation in order to help drain prostate discharge. More importantly, it is necessary to avoid sedentary; we should care about dissipating heat when we drive motor vehicle for a longer time; continuing to suitable exercise help promote blood circulation, which is beneficial to improving partial inflammation; we should also balance our diet, enhance our immunity to resist diseases.

    (3). We should eat little the kind of food such as meat, acidic matter, and so on, which is easier to make us develop multiple chronic prostatitis

    2.The common ways to diagnose the disease
    (1). The most simple way is to check the prostate by rectum, which can check the size and feature of prostate, sifting and diagnosing prostate diseases rudimentarily. At the same time, it can check the competent and properties of prostate fluid.
    (2). The common way to check the prostate diseases is B-ultrasound. It can give a right answer, whose error is less than 5%. It does not only have very important meanings on various prostate diseases, but have the advantages such as simpleness, no trauma and damage, and fastness.
    . Using x-ray check has very important values in diagnosing prostate diseases. For example, we can know whether there is prostate calcification and prostate stone or not by flat film inspection.
    (3). Lower urinary tract urodynamic examination gives a helpful hand to diagnose the condition of prostate hyperplasia.

    This is today’s main topic. I am eager to hope the healthy knowledge will give you some beneficial hand. There is more relevant information waiting for you. You can click our official website:http://www.diureticspill.com/.

  • The radiation treatment of prostate cancer 8/7/18 4:07 PM

    The radiation treatment of prostate cancer

    Radiation treatment is the radical methods to treat prostate cancer, adapting to the treatment of prostate cancer in clinical stage. Radiation treatment including external exposure and interstitial irradiation and surgery are confined to original important methods to treat prostate cancer. In America, there are increasing patients who have received the way to treat the disease. But it is impossible for prostate cancer in local late to get radical treatment by the way. Even so, we can not eradicate radiation treatment is a effective way. The combination radiation treatment with endocrine therapy is the standard way to treat prostate cancer in local late stage. Compared with single radiation treatment, the combination radiation treatment with endocrine therapy will increase the rate of survival significantly.

    Hazard analysis and principle of treatment

    natural remedies for prostatitis treating prostate cancer need implementing to analyze the degree of risk according to the clinical stages, serum PSA concentration, and tumor Gleason grade. We should decide the clinical way to treat the disease after the size of tumor is defined. The combination of PSA with tumor Gleason grade and clinical stages can predict preliminarily the condition of lymphatic metastasis, and the damage rate of capsula prostatica or seminal vesicle to offer reference for clinical treatment.

    home remedies for prostatitis According to clinical stages, the grades of PSA, Gleason, we can class prostate cancer into the following two stages that are initial prostate cancer and late prostate cancer. The initial prostate cancer can be defined that tumor is confined in prostate gland with no sign of transmittable lymph gland or shift in far distance. In the stage, we can also divide it into three types which are lower danger, low danger, and high danger. In the first stage, we should think to chose partial way of treatment. In second stage, we should adopt comprehensive ways to treat the disease. In the last stage, we must consider radiation treatment and endocrine therapy. The process may reach to about 2.5 years. While the transmittable prostate cancer can not be cured. Even so, we can help reduce the pain of the patients. For example, the patients can take anti-inflammatory pills, which can relive their pain, promote their blood circulation, dissolve stasis, promote Qi and dissipate hard lumps. Although the patients are difficult to cure, some of them can survive for longer time with the tumor.

    If want to know more radical ways, please click the official website. We will patiently respond to your any question.

  • Best Cure for Chronic Prostatitis By Natural Treatment 8/7/18 2:52 PM

    Best Cure for Chronic Prostatitis By Natural Treatment

    prostatitis natural treatment is often described as prostate infection. Having prostatitis does not increase your risk of developing prostate cancer, but it can still seriously interfere with your everyday life by symptoms such as frequent and urgent urinatin, burning and painful urination, chills and fever and so on. In addition to prescription given by your doctor, you can also use natural treatment and home remedy to accelerate the recovery process.

    1. Acupuncture has been widely used around the globe as a non-drug treatment of prostate problems. Acupuncture can reduce pain and spasms of the pelvic muscles, improve mood and sleep, and lessen anxious behavior. The resultant elevation of immunity is also beneficial for infection and inflammation.

    2. Herbs have been used in many countries for thousands of years to cure different kinds of diseases and help patients recover from diseases. many people have successfully used herbs and found themselves free from the symptoms caused by prostatitis, with little drug resistance and few side effects which are inevitable during the long-term antibiotic treatment.

    A specific formula for curing chronic nonbacterial prostatitis natural treatment is Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill with different ingredients working together in ensuring that you heal from the disease that you are suffering from. It terminates chronic pain by notably improving blood circulation and eliminate inflammation gradually.

    3. Nutritional supplements with property of antioxidants, anti-allergy, anti-inflammatory or diuresis have proved effective for prostate infection. Here are just a few of the supplements can help relieve symptoms.

    -Quercetin. It works by suppressing the production of inflammatory compounds like histamine. Quercetin supplements may be especially effective in alleviating chronic pelvic pain due to prostatitis.
    -Pumpkin seeds. Phytosterols and other elements in pumpkin seeds can help shrink enlarged prostate.
    -Vitamin D. It may help target the chronic inflammation that is characteristic of prostatitis.
    4. Zinc. It plays an important role in blood and prostate fluid to fight against bacteria.
    5. Probiotics. It can help rebuild a healthy balance and enhance immunity by restoring your beneficial bacteria which was killed by antibiotics you taken.

  • Chronic Prostatitis Shoul Know About This Disease 8/7/18 2:51 PM

    Chronic Prostatitis Shoul Know About This Disease
    Rapid development of modern society provides better life quality with human, it brings heavier existing stress to our human too. There has related research says that the number of chronic prostatitis has greatly increased in recent years. So what should chronic nonbacterial prostatitis treatment know about this disease and what can they do to prevent the deterioration of their conditions?
    About chronic prostatitis
    . A man who has genital and pelvic pain at least three of the past six months and urinary frequency, urgency and needs to urinate a lot at night may have chronic prostatitis.
    . The certain cause of this disease has not been found, existing research shows that climate, food allergies, the central nervous system may be responsible for this disease.
    . It is not a sexual transmitted disease, and it will not spread to anyone by anyway, patients can have sex if they can control the time.
    . It is a chronic disease so that the treatment duration of it may be a bit longer, patients should keep in positive during the therapy.
    . Patients must follow doctor's advice and insist having enough treatment course even the symptoms have been improved because chronic prostatitis is a high-rate-recur disease.
    About prevent the deterioration of this disease
    . Live in a healthy life. A healthy lifestyle is necessary for anyone in the people's lives. For chronic prostatitis patients, they should know the importance of healthy lifestyle has during their treatment. They cannot drink, stay out, ride bikes because these will make their symptoms worse.
    . Stay in calm and rational. There is a Chinese ancient saying says: a drowning man will clutch at a straw. Most of those so-called quick-fix treatments are deceptive, the real effective treatment must take a long time.
    . Don't take antibiotics and anti-inflammatory pills blindly. Western medicine like antibiotics will produce drug resistance to patients, it is not suitable for the therapy of chronic prostatitis at all.
    Then how to choose a better way for patients in the treatment of cpps treatment? Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can solve patients difficulties in their treatments.
    Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is proved have the ability in curing chronic prostatitis and preventing the recurrence of this disease. It can improve symptoms and help the broken prostate regain self-immune ability. Patients can take is without worry because it will not produce drug resistance for its natural ingredients.
    Chronic prostatitis is not a life-long disease, it can be curd and will not influence the patients lives after total recovery.

  • Prostatitis Urinary Tract Infection(UTI) and Prostatitis Frequent 8/7/18 2:50 PM

    Prostatitis Urinary Tract Infection(UTI) and Prostatitis Frequent

    best treatment for chronic prostatitis easily causes other diseases, and urinary tract infection is one of complications along with it.

    prostate gland and urinary tract both belong to urinary and reproductive system. many research prove that prostatitis and urinary tract infection are infected by the same strain of bacteria, that is escherichia coli. if both they get inflamed, they may share the same symptoms. the link between prostatitis and urinary tract infection is strong. but what is the link?

    urinary tract goes through the middle of prostate and is surrounded by it. the parts surrounded by prostate is often called prostatic urethra, from bladder to urogenital diaphragm. prostate fluid produced by prostate can fight against Gram-negative bacteria and help man prevent from urinary tract infection. at the same time, prostate fluid expels through urinary tract. therefore, infected prostate gland could be a risk factor of triggering urinary tract infection. acute bacterial prostatitis is often along with acute urinary tract infection, and chronic bacterial prostatiis presents with recurrent urinary tract infections.

    Though the acute one often with sharp symptoms, it can be cured well with antibiotics treatment because of the high concentration of antibiotics in urine.

    as to the chronic one, the bacteria couldn't be killed totally. here are the main reasons.
    - Antibiotic therapy has to overcome the blood/prostate barrier that prevents many antibiotics from reaching levels that are higher than minimum inhibitory concentration. A blood-prostate barrier restricts cell and molecular movement across the rat ventral prostate epithelium.
    - new prostatitis treatment often with calculus which makes good breeding grounds for bacteria, reducing the effect of antibiotics.

    in return, urinary tract infection can result in prostatitis. the bacteria that cause prostatitis may get into to prostate from the urethra by backward flow of infected urine or stool from the rectum

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