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    Q hemingway alum dollard playing pro ball in switzerland It not uncommon for guys to leave college basketball for the nba draft after their junior season.However, it isn exactly the norm for guys to leave a division ii school after their junior season to go pro in other leagues.That didn stop former hemingway high standout josh dollard from bucking the trend by leaving usc aiken home after his junior season and soon after embarking on a pro career. Dollard currently is playing for the geneva devils in the swiss league a division of switzerland and hopes to put his name into consideration for when the nba draft rolls around.Dollard agreed to talk a little about his journeys recently, but a little background on him first: Dollard played two years at auburn(He averaged 12.5 points and 7 rebounds per game as a sophomore), but was dismissed from the team before his junior season for undisclosed reasons.He then transferred to usc aiken, where he played as a junior last season, compiling averages of 15.3 points and 7.4 rebounds per game and garnering a Second Team AllPeach Belt Conference selection.He said in the summer was when he decided to forgo his senior season. Dollard said he got a typical escarpins louboutin overseas deal where the team provides him with a place to live and transportation.As of wednesday night, dollard said he was averaging 9.5 points, 5.5 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 blocks and 1.0 steal in 18.5 minutes per game. Q with josh dollard, switzerland Q i talked to several guys who have gotten gigs overseas, and their paths to professional ball have varied.How did yours develop after deciding to leave school? Josh well, basically it was about agents contacting [me] and me getting in contact with agents that had the same plans and vision for myself as i did.Sending tapes, stats and getting myself put on the internet where teams could see what type of player i was and how they could see me fit for their teams. Q how long did it take after school before you got a job and when does the season run from? Josh well, i made the decision late in the summer right before school and i had some offers then, but i got hurt working out and it kind [of] put things on hold for about three months from september to the middle of december.And basically when i was ready to go i took the first thing on the table, which at the time was a [premier basketball league] team:The vermont frost heaves.I played my first game with [them] out in puerto rico versus a team there back in january, and the next day i had an offer to come overseas and i took it.I have been here since the beginning of january and hopefully we make the playoffs. Q was ristianlbtinaussures there a particular reason you decided to go pro with a year left at uscaiken?Sounds like it working our for you, so are you happy with your decision and what the ultimate goal? Josh well, just talking with my family, scouts, coaches and people who have influence on my life.They thought it was best for my future if i was really going to make a push to get my name back out to there to get nba scouts and gms back on my radar after being out a season for auburn then transferring from [division i] to [division ii].It was a step down, so being that, i had prove myself on the top level in country far as college basketball goes and came into d2 and doing it, well, it was a nobrainer to make the decision and turn pro and show the scouts and teams that i could do it in a pro league against [more] talented guys that have pro experience. Josh gamewise i starting to approach the game in a more professional way.You start to see it as a job now, you start learning that your on your own and you have to have the work ethic to want to get better and treat your body better and to [do] the necessary things to make your as an individual are prepared.Whereas in college you had things planned and arranged for you practice, skills work, go to weight room, eat the proper meals.Now it on you to do those things i have to pick up on that.As far as lifewise, the whole experience is a change i wouldn say drastic but it all new too.But it been a good [decision] and one that i don regret making. Q are you planning on continuing an overseas career or is there somewhere possibly in the nba or other top international leagues you are eyeing in your future? Josh i definitely have my eyes on the nba.This is my year to enter the draft, so i definitely be pushing to get there in predraft workouts to show teams that i have what it takes to play on the next level and be successful and help any team.But if it does not christian louboutin chaussures pas cher work, i will always be open for coming back overseas, getting better and continuing to pursue [living] my lifelong dream of playing on the big stage there is for basketball player, that being playing in the nba with the best in the world.

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    Patient michael kors sale online affairs officer During some game show i was not paying much attention to on television last weekend a contestant's occupation was announced as"A patient affairs officer"In a national health service hospital. As the managing editor of boggart blog my antennae have to be constantly scanning for things we can twist and distort so naturally my attention was grabbed. We know that the government are trying to cover up how bad unemployment really is by creating lots of non jobs in the public sector, a few months ago we reported on the whacky job titles being handed out.But a patient affairs officer, what kind of job is that. Boggart blog is not a moralising organisation, we don't approve or disapprove of what our readers do.We have iaelorsonlineshopdeutsland to ask though it it any business of the nhs to start encouraging patients to have affairs.And surely the job is pointless. One thing i can swear to, speaking from experience, is the last thing on anybody's mind when they are recovering from seriousillness or major surgery is having an affair with another patient.

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