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    American climbers conquer india's mount meru shark's fin Three american climbers have become the first in the world to conquer the shark's fin a lethal 20, 000ft pinnacle. The drdrebts daredevil trio of conrad anker, jimmy chin and renan ozturk spent 11 days scaling up the jagged near vertical point on meru central in the himalayas. Dubbed one of the hardest climbs in the world, dozens of professional climbers had been defeated by the tricky summit with one breaking both legs during an attempt.But the american climbers successfully negotiated the 20, 700ft climb sleeping in a hanging tent thousands of feet above the beats by dre solo hd cheap ground. Scroll down for video A view of mount meru as seen from tapovon basecamp on mount meru, india.The shark's fin is the central pillar in the formation and the part of the mountain most obviously shaped like a shark's fin The climb was Conrad anker's third attempt to find a route up shark's fin, and the Second attempt for both jimmy chin and renan ozturk.Combining their three attempts, He trio has accumulated thirtyplus days on the mountain. Meru peak is located in the himalayas in nepal, a mountain with a lethal 20, 000ft pinnacleanker first tried the ascent in 2003.His team turned back twothirds Of the way up as a result of deep, unconsolidated snow and a lack of Proper equipment for the upper wall.The following year cheap beats by dre studio set a new highpoint on the fin at 6100m, but descended after one of the team broke both his legs. Anker made his Second attempt with chin and ozturk in 2008. The team was Delayed on the climb for several days during a storm but later they progressed beyond the highpoint of anker'sbut the team food supply had run short as a result of the storm and on their nineteenth day They stopped about 150 metres below summit.Chin vowed never to return. The following year a slovenian team attempted the Same route but the weather meant they were unable to acclimatise on practise routes first. Nevertheless, they decided to press ahead. After the twoday approach the team Turned aback, citing a lack of proper equipment, poor acclimatization and Their alpinestyle approach as mistakes for an attempt on the shark'safter an epic 22day climb up a nearvertical himalayan peak, an australian couple in their 40s took just two minutes to"Fly"Back to base camp and smash the world record for the highest base jump in history.

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    Condensing carcassonne (More Here) expansions into a single box I've got a large collection of boxes piling up for carcassonne, both the little ones that fit in the palm or your hand(Like river and the count)And the medium size ones like(Like inns cathedrals and the princess and the dragon)Currently three of each size. Is there an elegant way to store the pieces all in the main box for easier storage and transportation?The little boxes fit just as they are, but the bigger ones are little trickier.It seems there should be a good way to make use of all these cardboard inserts, but their shapes are all pretty generic and they waste a lot of space.Is there a good way to cut then up and reuse them? Spacewise, all the pieces from the expansions fit easily into the main box, but they are really loose.I also want to keep the tiles from each expansion grouped together and easy to pull out one at a time. A great solution to this struck me as i was falling asleep a few nights ago(Strange how the brain works):I won't need the expansion boxes anymore, so i could cannibalize those into smaller boxes. After a lot of careful measuring, i took the expansion box lids and scored them across the top in three places with a pair of scissors and a ruler, creating straight foldlines.Then i trimmed off the bottom edge and a portion of each side, and folded on my scored lines.Three equally spaced score marks on the lid)Would be just fine, maybe even better, since a couple of mine turned out to be a tighter fit than i intended. I kept the two corners in the upper portion of the lid intact, so it could serve as a lid on my smaller box, hinging at one of my folds.I folded the whole thing up and, after some final trimming, i taped the corners together.I also supported each folds with a strip of tape, to make sure they don't wear out and fall apart later. The new box with hinged lid closed: The box holds tiles and a baggie with game pieces.The lid is the intact portion from the top of the original box lid.The front, bottom, and back are all from the top of the original lid, all rolled up along my score marks.I kept a square from the sides of the original lid for the end pieces of the box. I trimmed the original cardboard insert and just kept the long narrow part that holds the tiles(Bottom of last photo, below).This left room for my three resized expansion boxes(Princess, traders, and inns), plus my small expansions(The count, king scout, river ii, and river(Rubberbanded))And my meeples in a bag. I'm not sure if all carcassonne expansions would fit using this method, but i own most of them, and it fit nicely for me. My attempt at a diagram.This is the expansion box lid in original form, with cuts and folds marked.Create a mockup with a piece of scratch paper first, if that helps. Use louboutin pas cher scissors to score the three dashed lines across the top of the box(Equally spaced). Cut out the x'd portions the entire bottom edge and the center portion of each side edge. Fold the three scored marks to transform the large surface of the original lid into the front, back, bottom, and top of the new box.The top edge of the original lid will now be the front flap of the new box. The new lid will be just a little too tall for your new box, so trim it to match. Tape up the corners.You can also tape the folded edges for durability. I put all the tiles from the base game, minus the starting tile, in the cloth bag from traders builders, and the tiles from each major expansion(T b;Inns cathedrals;Bridges, castles bazaars)In piles wrapped with a rubber band each.All my followers, builders and the like are in one ziplock bag, all my bridges in another, and my castles, along with resource chits, in a third.I keep the tiles from the miniexpansions i own in the boxes in which escarpins louboutin they came.All this fits nicely in my box from the base game since i removed the folded cardboard from the inside. I built two custom boxes for carcassonne tiles using some check boxes from the bank and some spare cardboard.I glued dividers into the boxes and labeled each section with the expansion title and number of tiles.It's a little bit of work, but you get custom boxes that are sized perfectly for the tiles you have.I then put the meeples and scoring tiles into their own ziplock bags.The tiles, meeples, scoring track, and rules all fit nicely within a small cloth bag.It's much more compact and easier to transport than the massive big box 2. This might sound a little silly, but why not just put them into medium or small ziplock bags?Even if all the bags get tossed around inside the box, they'll be easy to paw through and find. Then again, i just tossed everything i had into the cloth bag that came with the builders trader expansion, and put each set of meepls into their own ziplock bag, and called it a day. You know, you can construct very sturdy, custom boxes from chipboard or foamcore board.It's lots of fun, and lets you get exactly the type of box you always wanted.

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    How a iaelorsoutletusa single can defeat the commander of christian louboutin on sale In spot of right away getting the stilettos it's important to be searching medium heel.The plethora of christian louboutin reproduction involves apartments, footwear, and sorts of footwear a hot lady desires for.New christian louboutin made its really own custom footwear brand in 1992, the higher heels he created are so colorful entirely exotic that they are consdered as"The incredibly ideal which are independent from the mainstream,"Louboutin careers by way of the media, under good concern.There was a animated video clip that depicts chilled inside a television special manufactured in 1969.He played utilizing the youngsters prior to melting away to come back the following year.It can be pretty important to wear the quite greatest footwear for the correct christian louboutin sydney occasion the way it states a great deal about what sort of person you come about to be.As an example, you do not want to place on celebration footwear for the workplace.Anytime you obtain the new footwear, placing around the new elevates inside your sneakers is usually the initial indicate do.The majority of the footwear come with plastic lifts about the heels, which will be wornout very easily.First, you must figure out what you'd like inside your position.Christian louboutin helmut you have got to become christian louboutin dubai in a position to attain your concentrate onit's in a mixture of light white and pink.The fabric employed is canvas with two smooth shoulder straps.So these shoes are assured things for the pleasure.Get them and be a dazzling lady.Certainly, they're jealous of other ladies with attractive pumps.And lots of women wish to possess unique style footwear to match their dress or mood in at some point.In the litigation, christian louboutin asks for dollar1, 000, michael kors outlet usa 000 to compensate for their loss, simultaneously, they ask yves saint laurent to stop build footwear which are similar with christian louboutin.On the other hand, gucci group do not respond or make any go over the incident, neither do yves saint christian louboutin sydney laurent intend to give any christian louboutin calypso recommendations, which angers christian louboutin.If you are a christian louboutin boots lover, you may be totally louboutin france happy, as well.What are you currently waiting for?Start your acquiring tour now!The fashionable louboutin shoes will certainly make you seem additional style.No one can ignore the existence of christian louboutin footwear within the fashion globe.The wellknown redcolored outsole and back heel each shaped the distinctive alternatives that include louboutin.For those who have any issues about your very own overall health or the health of your youngster, you'll want to often consult having a doctor or other healthcare qualified.Please overview the privacy policy and terms of use just before working with this web site.Your use in the site indicates your agreement to be bound by the terms of use.

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