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    Anarchists caught visitthisuser'swebsite painting 'kidnap the mayor' beats by dre outlet on downtown building King county prosecutors contend kristin l.SpositoAndbrian p.Greenwood painted anarchist slogans on downtown buildings weeks before may day, when blackclad protestors smashed windows around downtown seattle.Writing the court, deputy prosecutor benjamin carr contended sposito, 32,Andgreenwood, 30, caused about $14, 400 in damage during a spray painting spree in the early hours of april 16.Among their additions to the cityscape, according to charging documents, were the slogans"Kidnap the mayor"And"Burn(Expletive)Mayday! "As well as various anarchist symbols.According to charging documents, the vandalism was first discovered at midnight by a garbage collector working near the moore theater. The man spotted two vandals since identified as SpositoAndGreenwood spray painting "General StrikeMayday"Anda circled letter A on an alley wall of the theater, Detective Chris Young told the court.The pair ran as the garbage collector called 911.Minutes later, a security guard at an office complex in the 1300 block of second avenue also spotted a man painting the anarchist symbol on that building, the detective continued.A woman appeared to be acting as a lookout;Both fled after the guard spotted them.At the time, greenwood was wearing a black mask over his face.Young told the court that both tried to run from officers. Sposito is alleged to have dug her fingernails into the hand of one arresting officer,Andwas brought to the groundAndhandcuffed. Officers recovered two cans of spray paint from Greenwood's backpack,Andnoted Greenwood had bright green paint on his hands, the detective continued.The paint matched graffiti found at several locations beats by dre uk store downtown. The guardAndtrash collector identified both as the vandals, Young added. GreenwoodAndSposito, both of Seattle, have been charged with firstdegree malicious mischiefAndthirddegree malicious mischief.Neither is currently jailed in the case.

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    Could your family live a no Since becoming parents, we've been engaged in an ongoing battle against the accumulation of 'stuff' in our home.Even though we immediately recycled the endless stream of catalogs that began arriving as soon as i became pregnant with kaspar, and did our nesting via a few key handmedowns, gifts, and craiglist purchases, many of those items were still never used(Like the crib), and others were quickly traded out for alternatives that better suited our baby(Like our diapers of choice).I bear this in mind when nowadays when reassuring perplexed, pregnant friends that no, they don't need buy a buy buy baby before they're prepared for parenting:They just need a few basics, and can make other purchases as they go. Truth be told, however, even though kaspar's now two, and we've kind of got this down, we're still constantly purging our home of piles of one kind or another.Papers, projects, toys, shoes life with a toddler is chaotic, and we've come to accept that a certain amount of activityrelated mess is inevitable.We mostly embrace it, but also try to keep extraneous 'stuff' from even entering the door(We must constantly remind the grandparents of this).Kaspar's toys are high quality, longlasting and intended to grow with him.He doesn't yet care about what's 'cool' or in fashion(The fact that he's kind of a clothes horse is all on me).I know the day will come when 'stuff' takes on more significance for him, and i hope we're prepared when it does.For now, we attempt to set a household precedent and hopefully an example by thinking consciously about what comes into our home, and equally as consciously about what's going http://www.mozongo.com/christian-louboutin-pumps.html out.We pass kaspar's outgrown clothes along as handmedowns, we recycle everything we can, and we compost our food scraps.Yet, despite our efforts, our kitchen's wastebasket always fills up within a few short days. Since we are conscious about our household waste, and since we still manage to generate a fair amount of trash, i was floored when i read about this mom's adoption of a"Nowaste"Family lifestyle, and its results:She estimates her family's total trash output to have been aboutTwo bags in the last year.Two!Christina little had already mastered cloth diapering with her first daughter, but when she discovered this other nowaste mom's website soon after her second daughter's birth, she went in wholehog.She, like many parents, felt overwhelmed by the 'stuff' in her home(First world problems, right?It's okay), and her solution has been to change her habits as a consumer in order to dramatically change her role as a producer of waste. Little only buys products that are recyclable, compostable or will last her family for years.She makes many of her family's toiletries(Christina, if you're reading this, i follow these instructions for diy laundry detergenthighly recommend).She approaches cooking differently now, too, buying fresh ingredients and using them all;In fact, simplifying her cooking style(Using what she has rather than buying for recipes and thus wasting what goes unused)Has meant her family can afford organic produce and grass fed meats, something she'd wanted but previously couldn't put down the cash for.Guests in her home must take their waste with them when they depart.Although she feels she has a long way to go, it sounds to me like she's rocking this christian louboutin chaussures femme thing. In fact, what really interested me about this was the awareness that not only initiated her decision to live a nowaste(Or"Minimalwaste")Lifestyle, but has also expanded just from living it. Her awareness that she was buried in stuff led her to pursue an alternative, and now she even researches company practices before handing her dollars over fOrany of their wares (Some things, like makeup, ristianlbtinaussures are pretty challenging to make).She's put her awareness that our actions impact the rest of the planet(Which creates effects that, in turn, impact us all right on back)Into conscious action on a daytoday basis. Of course, many americans don't have time to make their own deodorant, but i wonder if a heightened awareness of our collective trash output(American waste generation statistics are pretty staggering and totally embarrassing in light of other countries'), and our 'stuff' problem, would lead to changed behaviors on a larger scale.Excessive packaging and waste are frequently generated in the name of convenience alone but often, choosing a wastefree alternative isn't any less convenient;It's simply a matter of making a different choice, or substituting one habit for another.Disposable razors, toothbrushes, and other toiletries not to mention the packaging from household cleaners take up tons of space in landfills.Simply making a different purchase(Recyclable and biodegradable alternatives exist for all of those items), or making a large batch of an allpurpose cleaner at home, can alleviate this burden on our environment.Other choices may require some advancethought, but really aren't difficult to do.I hadn't, for example, considered bringing glass jars to the grocery store for the meat i purchase, as little does.I'm looking forward to making the adjustment.In fact, reading little's story has inspired me to reevaluate all of my purchases, as a daily practice. (Did we need those rocket shipshaped icepop molds?Um.Probably not.But we will use them for years, i have no doubt, and as a result won't be buying individuallypackaged popsicles.Phew, close one! ). As it happens, this kind of critical thinking is gaining speed, especially among moms, who are increasingly questioning, increasing awareness, and sharing ideas around addressing our collective 'stuff' habit and the waste it produces(Hence the blog that inspired little's shift).Moms, too, whether stayathome or working, are generally the people making the decisions about what comes into the house, day in and day out.Since a lot of what piles up in landfills are household products, from diapers to tampons, and food product packaging, that means moms can make a major dent in the problem or, put differently, a major stride toward its solution by deciding not to contribute to the waste anymore.If we all held our homes to higher standards when it comes to waste, and held companies to higher standards when it comes to social and environmental practices, we'd leave a heck of a better legacy for our kids than the one that was left for us. What do you think?Could get your family's waste down to two garbage bags' full per year?What steps do you take already to reduce 'stuff', and waste, in your home?Do you think shooting for no waste at all(Or minimal waste)Is realistic for your family?

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    Step into listmint louboutin world The sole of your shoe takes the most hits while you are wearing it.So who knew that the sole of your shoe could say so much?It seems pretty weird that something at the bottom of the shoe could make such michael kors outlet a statement.But today, you can tell the status of a woman by the sole of her shoes. Christian louboutin, who started designing shoes and handbags in france in 1991, came upon the red sole idea kind of by mistake.While he is one of the pioneers credited for bringing back the high stiletto heel is the 1990s and the 2000s, he wanted to do something different.He felt that his shoes lacked a unique style or statement.He needed something to set him a part.As an experiment, he decided to paint the soles with red nail polish.Besides the red soles, the designer is also known for heels that measure 4.72 inches or higher.He has a few lower heels and wedges, but the stilettos are his signature.Not only does he garnish his shoes with a red sole, but he also likes to add small decorative touches like ribbons and bows, feathers, and patent leather.There are many imitators that carry the red sole, but there can only be one christian louboutin.The french designer has been around many years and will be around for many more.If you are a shoe maven, then you may want to save up for at least one pair of red soles.Not sure where this is posted, but it reads, woman should have a pair of red bottoms.You can find a few pair for less or on sale online, but really check out the site first.If you see a pair of loubies for $75, then likely they are not real.Don buy the fake;Just get a pair of really nice nine west or bebe heels.Never settle for the fake, just buy an original shoe that is just as nice and more in your price range.However, save your money and strive to get those red soles.

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