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  • Downtown 81 (1981) 2/1/08 6:04 PM

    退院したばかりの青年 ジャンが帰宅途中、オープンカーに乗ったモデル ベアトリスと出会う。二人はたちまち惹かれ合い、ベアトリスは一生ジャンの面倒を見ると言う。家賃滞納でアパートを追い出されたジャンは、ダウンタウンを さまよいながら、スプレー缶片手に壁に絵を描き暮らしていた。やがて金に困り、ベアトリスを探しに夜を明かすジャンに奇跡が起こる・・・。

    1980年代のニューヨークのアート・シーンで活躍したカルト的アーティスト バスキアが、19歳の無名時代に主演した幻の作品。ニューヨークをさまよう若きアーティストが体験する不思議な出来事を、当時の音楽シーンとともに描く。 登場する実在のミュージシャンたちのライヴ・パフォーマンスやインタビュー映像も満載。当時のエネルッギッシュな雰囲気が伝わってくる。


    The film is a day in the life of a young artist, Jean Michel Basquiat, who needs to raise money to reclaim the apartment from which he has been evicted. He wanders the downtown streets carrying a painting he hopes to sell, encountering friends, whose lives (and performances) we peek into. He finally manages to sell his painting to a wealthy female admirer, but he's paid by check. Low on cash, he spends the evening wandering from club to club, looking for a beautiful girl he had met earlier, so he'll have a place to spend the night. Downtown 81 not only captures one of the most interesting and lively artists of the twentieth century as he is poised for fame, but it is a slice of life from one of the most exciting periods in American culture, with the emergence of new wave music, new painting, hip hop and graffiti.



  • Bomb the System (2002) 2/1/08 5:51 PM

    舞台は、ニューヨーク。ブレストの異名を取る19歳の白人青年アンソニーは、ローカル・シーンで最高の評価を受けているグラフィティ・ライターだ。彼は NY市警のヴァンダル・スクワッド(落書き取り締まり班)のしつこい追跡を交わしながら、毎夜ハンドスタイルで街中の壁に向かい、見事なアートをモノにす る。だがクルー(仲間)の逮捕をきっかけに、NY市警との衝突が激化。事態は予想のつかぬカオスへと展開し、ブレストはひとつの決断を迫られる……


    A tribute to graffiti art and the city where it all began. Blest, a 19-year-old graffiti writer, has just graduated from high school. With no ambition toward mainstream goals of work and family, he spends his time bombing the city with graffiti messages until he and his crew become the most wanted bombers by the corrupt NYPD Vandal Squad. He even attracts major media and gallery attention for his tags. Also part of Blest's crew are Buk 50 and his younger brother Lune, whose arrest and beating by the NYPD causes the crew to wage a full-on graffiti war against the city. As they fight with their spray cans and their tags, Blest meets a political activist, Alexandra. Soon after, Blest's relationship with Buk 50 and the crew fragments as Blest ponders his position in life.



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